Friday, January 19, 2007

and an update

Haven't been posting much recently, due to a bunch of things:

1. Got a nasty cold ~mid-December (the 12th specifically), which I made worse by doing too much over the holidays and not getting enough rest.

2. Nasty windstorm on December 14, which took out some trees in/near driveway and part of our fence.

3. Snowstorms which kept me holed up for days at a time, first in late November, then again on January 10, and yet again on January 15/16. This winter has really sucked, weather-wise.

4. A second nasty cold which commenced on January 5th. This time I did get enough rest.

5. Aziza relapsed with a respiratory problem on January 8th, and has needed some time-consuming care over the last 10 days. Back to the vet tomorrow for her recheck, but she does seem to be recovering. She is going to need medication for about six months - but at least we are done with the really hard part.

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