Tuesday, November 14, 2006


You know, I like the Nevada desert just fine. I drive the Great Basin Highway twice or so every year, and I enjoy the sagebrush, rabbitbrush, golden eagles, turkey vultures, and coyotes I see along the way, not to mention the occasional lucky sighting of a herd of pronghorn antelope or even wild mustangs. The landscapes of Elko and White Pine counties - valley after valley nestled between mountains low and high, are beautiful in their own timeless way. Clover Valley, Butte Valley, Ruby Valley, Steptoe Valley, Lake Valley, Skull Valley, and on and on.

This is just not cool. Why couldn't "yuck" foods do this in Kentucky, where their corporate headquarters are? Look at all that land they cleared for this PR crap - land that is now subject to erosion, because they have ruined the ground cover that is such a vital part of this delicate ecosystem. Bastards. When the revolution comes, the first ones we're going to shoot are the PR and marketing people. The politicians can wait.


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