Thursday, December 21, 2006


Well. I just updated a blog I do for my parents over to the new version of Blogger, and decided it would be oh so nice to only have to log in once to get to either blog...not thinking about all the possible ramifications of attaching their blog to my account, which has my profile (instead of theirs) their profile has been overwritten - no big deal, really. But it also means I have to make mine much more generic, so stuff doesn't show up on their site that doesn't belong there.

Whaaaa! But yeah, now I have access to both sites from the same login, which does sae me some time and some bytes in the noggin (now I don't have to remember the username and password we set up for my parents to administer their blog, only to have me administer their blog for them).


Anonymous DavidB said...

Well, that sounds a little complicated, but if it works...

one nice thing is it was great to see a picture of your folks. they look like they're doing great!

8:06 AM, December 24, 2006  

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