Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ford redux

Poputonian has a post up over on Hullabaloo (Rolling over in my grave) that pretty much sums up my memory of that time. I was about 10 when Nixon resigned from office, and then was pardoned by Ford shortly afterwards. I remember thinking, "WTF?!" because I had assumed (like most Americans at that time, I now know) that Nixon would be expected to have his day in court and pay the penalty if found guilty by a jury of his fellow Americans. On the day of Ford's pardon, we the people found out that Justice isn't as blind as we'd been lead to believe watching all those 60s TV shows. For some many of us, the aftertaste of unfairness has been lingering all these years. I suppose this was just an early example of 'IOKIYAR' (It's OK if you're a Republican!'). Clinton got more articles of impeachment voted against him than Nixon did. Talk about lowering the while everyone is waxing nostalgic over Gerald Ford, we currently have someone in the oval office who makes Nixon look like an amateur...



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