Thursday, March 01, 2007

so call me a killjoy

...but dammit, I have to agree with this:

The new version of Jacobsen’s bill would allow leashed dogs in outdoor areas of restaurants, such as patios—better than everywhere, I guess, but still the top of a long, slippery slope that could end up screwing over those of us who don’t want your dog jumping in our laps while we try to enjoy a burger at Linda’s

And that goes for your snot-nosed, coughing, out-of-control kids too.

I know I sound like a "hey you kids - get off my lawn!" oldster, so let me clarify. I don't have a problem with dogs or kids (and I don't blame them for their owners' or parents' boorish behavior). What I have a problem with is YOU letting them JUMP UP ON ME when I have no idea WHO the f*** you ARE. Boundaries, people, boundaries. Has no one ever taught you what is and what is not an appropriate way to behave?


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