Wednesday, February 01, 2006

can you hear me now?

Maria Cantwell is getting a lot of, uh, attention for her failure to get behind the filibuster effort.

Our own Dave Neiwert, in his blog Orcinus, shares his letter to Cantwell after Monday's cloture vote.

Other blogs have also mentioned her specifically, and not all of them from the Northwest.

Then, there is the Rude Pundit, who observes

And when they say they voted against Alito, someone's gonna be smart enough to say, "Hey, Maria, if it's such a big fuckin' deal, why didn't you join the filibuster?"

Yup. Just wait until the primary this September. Mark Wilson appears, from his website, to have a lot going for him, including some honestly progressive positions. Those of you in Washington, check him out and think about supporting him in the primary.


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