Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bad researcher! Bad!

Another fraudulent paper makes the news:

A large study concluding that anti-inflammatory drugs reduce the risk of oral cancer was based on fabricated data, according to The Lancet, the prominent British medical journal that published the report last year.....

"We are still reeling from the shock," said Dr. Leonard Zwelling, vice president for research at M. D. Anderson. "There is no worse feeling in the world" than for a researcher to learn that he has put his name to a paper with fabricated data, Dr. Zwelling said.

Maybe some of the recent instances will put some limits on the practice of everyone, but everyone, putting their names on papers that they really had little to do with, and where they have no way of assuring the accuracy of the data themselves. This happened in the recent cloning paper in Science as well. International, multi-specialty collaborations are great, and all, but authors really need to stop putting their names on papers where they are only tangentially involved. That's what the acknowledgment section is for!


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