Friday, January 13, 2006

Fatal auto defect

When are car manufacturers going to fix this? Another toddler is asphyxiated by an automatic car window:

Thomaris leaned his head out a window and hit the switch that raised the glass, pinning his neck between it and the frame, police Capt. Tony Rode said.

Certainly, none of the controls for these windows should be located on the passenger door of any vehicle, as a first step to putting a stop to this (which has killed dogs riding in the passenger seat as well). In my new car, these controls are on the center console. Even that might no be enough - I can envision a kid's foot possibly engaging the control as they lean out of the window, though pressing it should make the window open rather than close - but in any case, putting these controls in a spot where they can be engaged unintentionally is just very bad design, and this is at least the third fatality I've read about.


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