Friday, January 27, 2006

needs to be said

Why the Rude Pundit has been near the top of my favorite blog reads lately:

See, the thing about a filibuster is it says to the White House, the Republicans, the nation, that Democrats have some say left in the processes of government. The nominations of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, and the abandonment of Harriet Miers, were pure manna to the right wing base. At some point, Democrats have to give something to their base, something to keep the faithful from throwing up their hands in disgust, from shaking their heads and mumbling, "What pussies, what godforsaken pussies." And if not this, then what?

Damn straight. I've contacted my Senators, basically expressing this point. And I'm telling ya, Dems - if you don't stand up, you are not getting any scratch from me. Not one candidate, nor the DNC. All of it is going to go to bloggers, and to organizations that are standing up. Because we're getting tired of being stood up.


Anonymous hisstorymn, aka Virgil Libertas said...

Damn straight!

As far as Alito is concerned:

Fork'Em! Torque'Em! Bork'Em!

My pleasure about bloggrolling ya!

Keep blogging

1:06 PM, January 27, 2006  

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