Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Bird Blogging

Meet Kianga: Kianga is a Congo African grey, hatched here in Washington in March of 1991.
"I'm eeeeeeevul!"

Meet Koga:

Koga is a wild caught, imported Timneh African grey. She is just as tame as a hand-raised bird, so we think she must have been caught very young, perhaps when she was still a chick in the nest, and had some hand-rearing before she was sent to the U.S. She has a USDA quarantine band that tells us she was legally imported. We got Koga at a pet store, she was being sold on consignment because the previous owner had just had a baby, and Koga and the baby were not compatible in the same house. I saw her in the store in early April 1991 when I was cage shopping for the Congo chick I was going to be getting in a few weeks. I asked if she was tame, and they said "Sure, you wanna see?" They put her on my hand, she ran up my arm onto my shoulder, and leaned over to give me a kiss. Sold! I've never regretted it; I hope she hasn't.

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