Wednesday, March 21, 2007

parrot update

An update on the birds. Or for the birds, if you will.

Last Friday, while cleaning Kianga's cage, I was transferring her eggs back to her little makeshift nestbox - and accidentally dropped one. I felt like such a bad mom, even though I was able to confirm that no, it wasn't fertile (so any suspicions that she and Kelele, the male timneh, were doing the nasty with cage bars in between were quashed). Fortunately, she's sitting quite happily on the remaining egg and has been very good about eating and such. She's been very responsive and fairly talkative and isn't losing enough weight for me to worry about.

Aziza seems more her old self, though she still seems on the thin side, and she tires out earlier than the grays. She still has that 'bubble' in her abdomen just in front of her vent. She's had this since I got her back from her surgery; the vet said it was probably air under the skin from a small air sac that may have been ruptured; however, it hasn't gone away as it should have, I'm beginning to wonder if she didn't give herself a hernia with all that straining. I'll ask the vet about it when she goes in next weekend; I would think this would require yet another surgery. :-(



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