Friday, September 01, 2006

ya think maybe?

The Seattle-PI reports:

A 1993 Maryland police report, obtained Friday, shows that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McGavick was less candid than he seemed last week when he disclosed a previously unknown arrest for drunk driving.

It was a commenter over at HorsesAss, I think, who wrote something along the lines of "if he's admitting to this, I wonder what bigger skeletons are hiding out in his closet?" Maybe that closet door is creaking open a bit.

On the other hand, how STUPID must you be to come out with something "voluntarily" (to limit the potential political fallout, one would assume) - but then LIE about it, when you KNOW that it is a matter of public record, and that the media, if they are, you know, DOING THEIR JOBS, can dig up the actual details fairly easily? Hey, does anyone else think a Senator ought to have better judgement than to get caught at something so obvious?


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