Friday, July 28, 2006

another shooting

This has been a horrible summer for violence in the Seattle area, and tonight some loony shot up a bunch of people downtown, supposedly because of what Israel was doing against Lebanon.

I've been just as appalled as anyone by Israel's response to the capture of two soldiers on the border, and by Hezbollah's bombing. But were any of the people at the Jewish Federation Israeli citizens? How are they any more culpable than any of the rest of us US citizens, who keep putting madmen into office who excuse and facilitate Israel's strategic blunder and latest human rights violations?

Anyone who thinks these acts will do anything but spawn more violence are simply bloodthirsty.

I am fearful not just for the synagogues tonight and over the next few days, but the mosques as well. After 9-11, some brave souls in the neighborhood kept watch over the mosque at Northgate, to prevent violence by ignorant yahoos. Neighborhoods may need to do this again. How horrible that people can't find a more productive way to express their rage and frustration.

Sometimes I think if it wasn't for blogging, there might be a lot more "going postal" around. Maybe some of these folks should try it.


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