Friday, August 25, 2006


Here are a couple of odd items from today's news:

Microsoft releases a Quechua language version of Windows. And I suspect their version of Vista is even further out than 2007 [snark].

I have a domestically bred male Pacific parrotlet named Ti'iki, which is Quechua for 'flower'. These birds hail from the western slopes of the Andes, so I thought it was an appropriate name. Ti'iki does talk a little - he likes to get my attention by saying "Hi Ti'iki!" in a really loud voice, and then, when I look at him, he turns his head upside down. Quite a little clown.

Rampaging racoons terrorize Olympia, Washington (our bucolic capitol)

My sister likes to feed the neighborhood racoons, and they have become so fearless that they sometimes attempt to follow you into the house. I have tried to warn her about some of the risks of encouraging raccoons to hang around (don't click the linkee if you're squeamish!), to no avail.


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