Tuesday, July 05, 2005

So much to do....

I have received my copy of the climate change assessment report; haven't had a chance to do more than page through it. It isn't as nicely produced as the AMAP reports (no color illustrations, for example, and the quality of the paper isn't as good). I will have more to say when I get a chance to acutally look at the content.

I have not had a chance to play with Automator yet. I think more actions are probably needed, the libraries are going to have to be fleshed out for third party programs, epsecially, to make it really accessible to most of us.

At work, I have all of these half-completed things just dangling, most important of which is probably the Arctic fox paper. Paul Hoekstra has published two or three papers on contaminants and stable isotopes in Arctic foxes while I'm still waiting for data. [sigh]. At least ours are from a different location. I sure would feel dumb if they were from Barrow or NWT.


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