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Boy, I'm sure glad Bill Frist isn't my doctor. I am so glad to have a doctor who actually examines me in person, and even insists on the occasional screening or diagnostic test. I am so glad I have a doctor who doesn't try to diagnose major brain injuries via selected bits of videotape.

Isn't it against medical ethics to make a diagnosis without even examining a patient? Will some brave soul lodge a complaint against this charlatan's medical license?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, they've already tried the ethics complaint route...but that was as successful as ethics complaints against DeLay (who makes Ronald Reagan look like a piker when it comes to the term "teflon".)

Read on:

Washington Post
Apr 07, 2004
by Helen Dewar, Staff Writer

Ethics Complaint Cites Frist's Work On Medical Malpractice Legislation
A consumer rights foundation has asked the Senate ethics committee to investigate whether Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) improperly promoted legislation to limit medical malpractice awards while maintaining what it called "personal and financial ties" to a large hospital chain with a malpractice insurance subsidiary.

The complaint was filed late Monday by the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights of Santa Monica, Calif., which has a long history of opposing curbs on malpractice litigation. It was promptly circulated around Washington by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which also questioned what it described as a potential conflict of interest on Frist's part.

The ethics committee declined to comment on the complaint. Frist spokeswoman Amy Call described the complaint as a "political exercise." She said the Senate leader has received "numerous rulings from the ethics committee" noting that its rules did not bar him from working on health issues because of his personal and family finances.

At the center of the controversy is the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the nation's largest for-profit hospital company, which has been run primarily by Frist's father, Thomas Frist, and brother, Thomas Frist Jr.

The senator, who was a heart transplant surgeon before he was elected to the Senate in 1995, was never employed by the company or any of its hospitals, but his HCA stock holdings constituted a major share of his considerable wealth. Frist valued his HCA holdings at more than $13 million when he first ran for the Senate. After the election, he put them in a blind trust, out of his control. Recent financial disclosure statements value the blind trusts for Frist and his family at many millions of dollars.

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