Wednesday, June 22, 2005

He sounds kinda outraged to me

The NYT talks about the film The Aristocrats:

But one conservative commentator said that the lack of a rating was just an attempt to create controversy for a movie that would otherwise die in indie obscurity.

"I don't see it as an assault on anything, because it's not a film anybody's going to see, it's not a film that anybody cares about," said Michael Medved, a syndicated talk show host and conservative writer. "What we're seeing here is a desperate attempt to get attention for a project by outraging people, and I stubbornly refuse to be outraged."

Several months ago, Frank Rich of the same NYT told a wonderful tale of hearing a version of this joke from comic Gilbert Gottfried at some kind of roast dinner. It was during the time after 9-11 where everyone was afraid to tell jokes. Rich says this was just so in-your-face, it was like Gottfried was just daring the audience to laugh. Yes, it certainly sounds like a shocking and even juvenile joke, but Medved makes such a point of being the public prude that his dissing is more of a recommendation than a dismissal.


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