Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's not the sex, it's the hypocrisy!

Spokane is in the "red" half of the state....

Mayor James E. West, a former Republican legislative leader and opponent of gay rights, has been accused of molesting two boys decades ago and more recently offering a City Hall internship in a gay online chatroom to someone he thought was a young man but was in reality a computer investigator hired by a newspaper.

West denies the molestation, but admits to trolling for young men in chatrooms and having sex with men.

He sent an email to city employees stating:

The paper also reported that I have visited a gay chat line on the Internet and had relationships with adult men. I don't deny that.

I have always considered a person's private life private and have respected others in this way. I intended to keep my private life private as well.

And I apologize.

Hmm...not to pile on, Mr. West, as it seems you've been doing a good job as mayor, but wouldn't this have stung a little less if ya hadn't pushed the anti-gay thing so much before this came out (as it eventually does, when you troll in chat rooms).


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