Wednesday, March 08, 2006

not funny

Teh stoopid:

Three college students from the prosperous suburbs south of Birmingham, two of them 19 and one 20, were arrested today in the burning of nine Baptist churches in rural Alabama last month that federal officials say was a prank that spun out of control....

The identities of the accused came as a surprise to investigators, who had speculated that the arsons were the work of people intimately familiar with the remote rural roads where the fires were set, not products of Birmingham's upper-middle class, one the son of a doctor and another of a county constable.

You would have thought that their parents would have taught them better. Maybe not. Listen, this "people intimately familiar with the remote rural roads" shit is code for "we thought we were looking for someone of a particular social class" that doesn't inlcude sons of doctors. Sorry! Since when are ignorance and stupidity in short supply on college campuses? And can't we all name a particular case of a ne'er-do-well scion of a prominent family, who screws up everything he's ever tried as an adult, and smirks as if he thinks its all a joke?

Oh well, all three are adults - throw the book at 'em! Having a prison record may save us a lot of pain later, say, if any of these three should ever decide to run for public office.


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