Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Harry said.

In today's paper of record:
Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, cited Mr. Bush's statements about firing anyone involved in the leak and said, "I trust they will follow through on this pledge."

With a great photo of Scottie looking rather bilious.

And do check out Billmon for his comments on the issue, as well as Juan Cole and Holden's Obsession with the gaggle at First Draft.

I agree with Dr. Cole that nobody involved in this should be holding any sort of position in the administration - not even Presidential fluffer. So far, only relatively low-level scum have been forced out (Kevin Coonley from the climate office, W. David Hager from the FDA) due to scandal. The implication that Rove was involved (if there aren't more, like Scooter Libby) in committing treason to intimidate a whistleblower just adds to the suspicion that the rotting stench goes to the very top. And Boosh has the nerve to lecture career government employees about ethics. Indeed.

Frog march!


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