Friday, October 28, 2005

Lying liars

Libby resigns just as the indictments against him are announced; Rove still in the crosshairs. Let's hope Fitzgerald keeps after him, and Cheney too.

Mr. Fitzgerald shows that there are members of the GOP employees of the DOJ who actually do still have honor and integrity and who do believe in the rule of law. He makes the current GOP leadership (like Tom DeLay and Bob Frist, just to name a few outside the current misAdministration) look even more corrupt in comparison.

Patrick Fitzgerald, you are acting like real role model, a true public servant, and I salute you. I hope you don't chicken out and let Rove and Cheney off, though the political pressure to do so must be incredible.

Correction 12:40 pm: At today's press conference, Mr. Fitzgerald stated that he does not belong to any political party. I had heard that he was a Republican, who did his job scrupulously no matter how powerful the target of his investigations. Apparently, only the second part is true.


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