Thursday, February 28, 2008

even Microsoft admits Vista sucks

Don't tell me I didn't warn you. But it's all coming out in the lawsuit now.

Even some of Microsoft Corp.'s top officials struggled to make Windows Vista work smoothly when it was released, according to internal e-mails released Wednesday.

The messages, unsealed in a lawsuit against the company, show that Vista's early problems with hardware and software compatibility affected more than just average PC users. The e-mails also illustrate how the company will try to avoid such issues in the next Windows release.


One February 2007 exchange started with an e-mail to Ballmer from Microsoft board member Jon Shirley, who explained that he upgraded one of his computers to Vista only to find it was experiencing problems working with two of Microsoft's own MSN applications. Shirley wrote that he wasn't upgrading his other computer because of a lack of hardware drivers.

Which reminds me, how is that MacOS 10.5.2 upgrade going? Heh. (Note that I am still a happy Tiger user.)

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