Saturday, December 29, 2007

happy new year

Have not been blogging much lately... I guess I have been busy kicking troll ass on other blogs, among other things. There is one particular troll who won't even engage me anymore, no matter how much I taunt him - ever since I wrote that he should "keep your nose out of my vajayjay." I couldn't have offended him, could I?

I do hope so.

Anyways, I have a terrible head cold that has been kicking my ass for a couple of days now, and I'm trying to get better so I can at least go out for awhile to ring in the New Year. (I'm not dead yet!)

So, have a great '08, everyone! Let's all wish for a return to sanity this year.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

why Willie is cool

And it isn't just for writing all those songs...

Country music star Willie Nelson has donated $40,000 to Vancouver, the town where he sold some of his first records a half-century ago.

Vancouver received the $40,000 check three weeks ago. On Wednesday, the city turned over $15,000 each to the Humane Society of Washington and the Boys and Girls Club.

In addition to aiding local charities, Nelson's donation originally was intended to help defray the costs for the city's 150th anniversary of its incorporation.

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Monday, December 17, 2007


Just go watch this Faithless video.

And how about this one from Cake. Or this one. I really love Cake, but damn, John McCrea's face does not match his voice. He looks sort of like Edward Norton, but he sounds like Peter Murphy!


ha ha!

I guess the OS must be Vista:

The downtown Seattle bus tunnel is closed because of a failure of the computer system that controls tunnel operations.

All of the systems in the tunnel — such as ventilation, lighting and signals — are controlled by a computer system installed during the recent retrofit of the tunnel. That computer system is currently down, and there was not yet an estimate of when it will be restored.

Update: After re-opening for a day, the tunnel was closed again on Wednesday (Dec. 19) and will remain closed at least through Friday. So far, the newspapers have not reported what "computer system problems" entails.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

in the news

An editorial about keeping NOAA's research vessels stationed at Lake Union in Seattle.

To be fair, I also understood that the Port of Everett was also in the running, and really, perhaps a lot of the businesses (and folks working at them) that service these ships would not mind so much moving to Everett, because housing is much cheaper and one could actually afford to live closer to work, something many of us in this traffic-congested region would love to be able to do.

In other news, they have opened I-5 at Chehalis finally. I feel badly for the poor folks having to clean the mud out of their homes (some of them for the second time in only 11 years) - just in time for the holidays. Give to local charities helping out if you can.

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