Tuesday, January 23, 2007

oh please

Some parents:

"The flight was already delayed 15 minutes and in fairness to the other 112 passengers on the plane, the crew made an operational decision to remove the family," AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said.


She was removed because "she was climbing under the seat and hitting the parents and wouldn't get in her seat" during boarding, Graham-Weaver said.

They got their tickets refunded and were also offered tickets to anywhere the airline flies. I really don't know how they could complain. The FAA has safety rules, parents ought to know them before they fly with their kids.

The kid was being a brat, yet these people expected everyone else to wait while they attempted to get control of their child. How long was everyone else expected to wait, I wonder, according to these parents? Look, I know parenting is hard work, I know that kids don't always behave perfectly, but did they even give a thought to the fact that everyone else was being inconvenienced by this? Not just on that flight, but the whole airport schedule? Really, they should have just said "this isn't working out, sorry to inconvenience you all" and got off the plane.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

and an update

Haven't been posting much recently, due to a bunch of things:

1. Got a nasty cold ~mid-December (the 12th specifically), which I made worse by doing too much over the holidays and not getting enough rest.

2. Nasty windstorm on December 14, which took out some trees in/near driveway and part of our fence.

3. Snowstorms which kept me holed up for days at a time, first in late November, then again on January 10, and yet again on January 15/16. This winter has really sucked, weather-wise.

4. A second nasty cold which commenced on January 5th. This time I did get enough rest.

5. Aziza relapsed with a respiratory problem on January 8th, and has needed some time-consuming care over the last 10 days. Back to the vet tomorrow for her recheck, but she does seem to be recovering. She is going to need medication for about six months - but at least we are done with the really hard part.

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sweet jeebus

This is just bizarre:

Officials at the charter school in Chino Valley, about 90 miles northwest of Phoenix, told deputies that papers the "grandfather" presented appeared to be fake and that "boy" looked much older than 12.

Stiffler and Robert James Snow, 43, "were very upset when the detectives told them they had been having a sexual relationship with a 29-year-old man and not a pre-teen boy," Quayle said.

WTF is wrong with these people?!